Repairing Your Flat Roof


Is your Roof Leaking, Damaged or Needs Replacing?

There’s not much worse than a leaky or damaged flat roof is there?

Flat roofs which are made from bitumen and felt will at some point need repairs, this is because they are more prone to developing leaks which require attention to prevent further damage to your home or building.​​ Of course, flat roof repairs will prevent further damage but the chances are the roof will need further repairs in the future, which is why roofers cannot offer long term guarantees with any repair work undertaken on a bitumen and felt flat roof.

Nowadays there are flat roofing solutions which can last for “in excess of 40 years” as stated by the BBA, the UK’s British Board of Agrement and unlike bitumen and felt flat roofs they do not require loose chippings and will not attract the growth of moss as they have been designed to prevent any form of growth, which also makes them look more attractive.​

These new flat roofing solutions will also not crack and cause leaks which often require expensive flat roof repairs. County Flat Roofing has been fitting long term certified membranes for over 30 years, including Sarnafil, Alwitra, Danosa, Bauder which have all been tried and tested by the professional bodies and all offer lengthy guarantees from the manufacturers themselves.​

Of course we can repair your old bitumen and felt flat roof, if you really want us to… But this could be just false economizing. As you’ll only have to pay again for more repairs every few years on average.

That’s why we would urge you to consider a new flat roof installation of one of the top single ply membrane systems that we offer, which of course would then give you peace of mind for many years to come, as they’re Certified to last 40+ years, plus you’ll get a more attractive flat roof too.


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