By investing in a Sika Sarnafil Flat Roofing System you’ll be making an investment into the future and in the process saving time and wasted money spent on renewing your existing felt roof, typically every 10 years.​​

So if you want to spend less time clearing your gutters from the piles of chippings and more time on the golf course or doing the things you truly enjoy, join the Sika Sarnafil single ply revolution by calling Freephone 0800 098 8271 for a no-obligation free survey and quotation or fill out the form below.​​

Sarnafil membrane are not affected by the extremes of heat and cold due to the way the material has been manufactured. This creates a very tough surface for your flat roof that can withstand everything our climate throws at. One it as well as any debris falling on it from a height. One of the keys to it’s long life span is it’s ability to retain it’s long term flexibility which means it wont split or crack like traditional felt does.

Flat Roof Before
Flat Roof After Sarnafil Transformation

Step 1 Dimensional Stable Membrane

There are in fact installations in Switzerland that are almost 50 years old and here in the UK the British Board of agreement (BBA) have independently tested the system and given it a life expectancy of “in excess of 40 years” that means it has the potential to outlast the typical mineral felt by 4 times which is why the initial investment for a Sika Sarnafil roof is obviously going to be more than your typical felt roof.​

It also means there is no need to put any kind of ballast or reflective chippings on the roof, most of which tend to end up in the gutters anyway. You’ll also be pleased to know that your roof won’t be attracting any moss growth either as the surface is designed to inhibit any kind of growth.​

An Example of how versatile the Sika Sarnafil membrane can be

Step 2 Securafix Membrane Installation System

There are two methods used to secure the Sika Sarnafil membrane based on the type of substrate (Deck) used, for instance if your flat roof is a block and beam or concrete roof then the membrane would be fully bonded using specialist glues. However most domestic installations are mechanically fixed using galvanized metal plates and zinc coated screws placed in plastic sleeves to stop any chance of heat transfer.​

Step 3 Fusion Welded Joints

Once the membrane is fixed to the substrate then all of the joins are heat welded using special heat guns designed for the job. This ensures a constant temperature in all weathers and creates a welded joint that is much stronger than the material itself, which means that all the joins will remain permanently sealed to stop any water leaking in.

Step 4 Long Lasting Abutment Details

With most traditional flat roofs the weakest points tend to be where the material (normally mineral felt) is under stress. This happens at points where the flat roof meets a wall or other solid object. These are referred to as abutment details and should finish at least 150mm (5 inches) above your flat roof.​

They also have a habit of cracking and splitting as your roof moves.​

Now you’ll be pleased to know with the Sika Sarnafil abutment details these have been designed to work without the need for any lead flashing and are fusion welded top and bottom to ensure they stay put for years.​

Step 5 Tough Metal Perimeter Details

This is yet another weak point of your roof as most roofing materials have to be forced over and fixed into position, setting in motion a long term battle for the material to try to return to it’s original shape.​

Again Sika Sarnafil have thought of everything and invested time in developing a special pre-bent metal perimeter detail that the waterproof membrane can be welded to forming a strong, flexible, resilient.​

An attractive solution to an age old problem with traditional felts.​


Most guarantees for flat roofing installations are issued by the contractor and you have no redress or comeback in the event that the contractor fails to stay in business and lets face it we live in tough economic times with a high rate of failure for many contractors.​

Sika Sarnafil were one of the first manufacturers to issue a manufacturers backed guarantee underwritten by a major insurance company. So not only do you have total peace of mind that the system is covered for a full 15 years, it also means if you sell the property during the guarantee period you can transfer the benefits to the new owners.​

County Flat Roofing have specialized in Single Ply Membranes for over 30 years using Sarnafil Systems.

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